Act with love and sincerity.

About Violet

Violet F. Warmfuzzy, better known as the Fuzzy, is the official channel mascot for Warm Fuzzy Game Room.  She came into being when Celine was designing the Warm Fuzzy Game Room banner (the one seen at the top of this page) and felt the need to put some random cute thing on the side to complete it.  After finalizing her design, her likeness has gone on to represent the Warm Fuzzy Game Room "brand" in everything from that banner to the flying field sprite seen above, channel subscriber badges, and so on.


Violet has a bright, cheerful, and affectionate personality.  She wants to spread happiness and caring everywhere she goes.  Her hobbies include smiling, fluffing up, and looking at you with those "please pet me" eyes.


For scale reference, she canonically is around the size of a basketball, but this can vary due to artistic style, technical limitations (the field sprite had to be larger than that to make all the features fit,) etc.