Act with love and sincerity.

About the Channel

Our channel's philosophy has its roots in the sorts of games with which Celine grew up, which were often outside the realm of "safe" choices for classic games.  This philosophy has continued to guide our programming even as we pursue categories other than gaming, such as our art streams.


Celine spent a lot of time and energy on the licensed SNES game Family Dog, for example, even though the game itself is an obscure and somewhat forgettable licensed platformer based on a failed cartoon series.  It is not the sort of game that anyone would ever expect to see in "Greatest Games Ever Made" retrospective listicles; if anything, it would be more likely to appear in scathing caustic critic-style shows that would delight in taking it apart.


However, to Celine, this game meant something.  Whatever "they" said, she connected with it and spent untold hours on it.  As an adult, that affection continues in the form of nostalgia.  She unironically loved and still loves this game, to the point that even its supposed warts come across as endearing or charming.


Another example is The Story of Jonah for Philips CD-i.  In addition to it meaning something to us because Celine grew up with it, this game ended up being a venture in lost media preservation.  Our first showcase of this game is available here, and to our immediate knowledge, this is the first and perhaps only footage of this title on the entire Internet.


This is the core principle that guides Warm Fuzzy Game Room's programming.  We are here because we love these games (and art, and everything else we stream,) and we believe that even the weird ones deserve to be preserved, featured, showcased, and celebrated with unironic warmth and appreciation.  After all, every game is somebody's Family Dog.